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About National Fine Arts Title Registry

A fine art painter himself, John Cherry began to see the need for a system of online art records after reading about one artist’s dispute with an out-of-state gallery. Although they had sold several of the artist’s works in years past, the gallery claimed they never had possession of the works the artist was attempting to get back in her own hands. Cherry felt that a system providing inventory and tracking for artists could also provide safe, online records of ownership for other art owners. After all, he reasoned, almost everything else of value that we own is registered or titled in some way to show ownership – cars, boats, stocks, dogs and cats, and even software.

Cherry has a successful history of entrepreneurial creative ventures. He is a film director and writer whose credits include the series of Ernest P. Worrell movies and an Emmy-winning television show (Hey, Vern! It’s Ernest). His foresight and creativity have been credited with the U.S. success of The Big Comfy Couch, a children’s show on PBS.

As the idea of online art registration developed -- and with counsel from others within the art community -- Cherry founded National Fine Arts Title Registry.

In a nutshell: National Fine Arts Title Registry offers secure, online documentation for original works of art of any value or origin -- and for numbered fine art prints, giclee prints, etc. Each original work or fine art print receives an ID number to track ownership and value. Title certificates print for display, inventory records, insurance schedules, and attachment to the back of paintings to deter art theft.

The benefits and features of National Fine Arts Title Registry have evolved and expanded since the site went live, better serving collectors with extensive fine art collections, the homeowner with a few fine art pieces for décor, and artists at all levels of achievement.

Meeting with dozens of insurance agents revealed to management that art registration could have several benefits to art owners in regard to their fine art insurance or homeowners insurance. In fact, the company is endorsed by the Professional Insurance Agents of Tennessee. The detailed records of registered works or the Title Certificates could be attached to art insurance or homeowner’s insurance schedules to document ownership and value. A copy of the sales receipt or fine art appraisal form can be uploaded and attached to the registration record. This documentation is always available via the Internet, and records will not be lost if the owner has an art loss due to fire, flood, theft, or other disaster. A Certificate attached to the back of a registered work could help protect against theft, because a thief would know that true ownership was documented and could be proven. If the artist has included a signed original Title Certificate with the artwork, that documents provenance and serves as a letter of authenticity.

Additional special benefits were developed to aid professional artists in marketing their work, including sales through fine art galleries and online art sales. Original Title Certificates signed by the artist can be used as authentication (as a certificate of authenticity). When an artwork is sold by a gallery or artist’s agent and the ownership title is transferred to the buyer, the artist is notified of the sale and transfer automatically via email.

Our online fine art title registry will continue to develop in ways to best serve art owners and those who produce works of art.

Security of information

To protect and preserve all registration information and ensure security and reliability, data is saved on multiple systems throughout the day and is ultimately archived in two secure physical locations.


National Fine Arts Title Registration
was established to track, organize and document works of art no matter what the value or origin.

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Our Mission to
Serve Fine Artists

Through our title registry and related services, our mission is to enhance the value of artists’ original works and prints by providing tools that display a higher level of professionalism. Specifically, we provide the premier system for documentation and tracking of artists’ creations and for the continuity of provenance when works are sold.


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